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Ebrahim Imami Professional
My name is Ebrahim and I’m a web developer and programmer working primarily in PHP/MySQL/Linux. I have been building websites since 2004.
Since 2006, I have been providing custom scripting, web hosting, domain registrations and web development services.
I'd worked as Senior Web Developer for "Pishgaman Kavir" with responsibility for PHP/MySQL backend systems , user serivces planner and server administration.


To cut a long story short: I was born and grew up in Yazd,Iran
and studied for B.Sc. in Software Tech Engineering.
In my spare time I am a amateur photographer , wandering around the city :)


Some of my works ..


My name: Ebrahim Imami

Phone: (+98) 913 273 5317

Fax: (+98) 351 725 5742


  • ebrahim[at]imami.net
  • ebrahimimami[at]facebook.com


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